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Are you related to the Surname Western? (Originally from Robert WE Sterne circa 1300) (Latterly known as the Maximilian Western Pedigree)

Have you ever lived at Rivenhall Place Rivenhall Essex England?

Have you ever lived at Felix Hall Essex England?

Have you ever lived at Tattinstone Place Tattingstone Suffolk England?

Do you have any "Western Family" memorabilia or artefacts?

Have you lost your "Western" inheritance?



Are you owed thousands of missing pounds?


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Have you any information that the family has no knowledge of?

These are just some of the many questions I asked when I first started researching my family history.

My father was the person who got me hooked on genealogy, some 25 years ago. I was in my early 30's, which for many is a young age to start thinking about "where do I come from?"

Anyway, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then and I now run several websites with a family history genealogy theme, as well as becoming an experienced genealogist and web designer.

This site has been completely re-designed and enhanced with a wealth of useful information for anyone doing their genealogy on the internet. From genealogy links, and Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate Sources to census records and from historic accounts to family history resources, you will find many useful tools to help you on your way. in Find Long-Lost Relations .

A variety of Software, free as well as inexpensive popular titles can be found from the many links on these pages, to help you Find Long-Lost Relations .

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According to a recent poll, approximately 60% of the US population is interested in family history research, and with over 80 million Americans actively involved in tracing their family history, Genealogy is the second-largest hobby in the U.S. and growing rapidly!